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Test Environment Provisioning

Test Environment Management Builds the Virtual Testing Ecosystems You Need

The Right Testing Ecosystem

Test environment management delivers the right data. The right virtual services. The right tests. At the right time. Orchestrate seamless automated test execution to make continuous testing a reality.

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Effectively Manage Your Test Environment

Stick to Your Timelines

Set up your test environment when you need it so you can keep pace with compressed Agile software development cycles.

Preserve Dependencies

For more accurate testing, plan and collaborate on testing activities with the team in the browser view. Diagram and preserve multiple dependencies between data and services and between entire environments.

Increase Process Transparency

Clear diagramming places all stakeholders on the same page for greater visualization and transparency into interconnected roles. Team leaders can clearly identify bottlenecks if any and forecast realistic timelines.

Control Testing Granularity

Tie tests to individual components in an ecosystem or test them all together as a scenario.

Streamline Test Execution

Simplify automated test execution by defining “test jobs” that execute predefined sets of test cases. Provision the correct test environment to ensure your tests are stable and have fewer false positives.

Easily Create Virtual Environments

GUI-driven test environment management makes it easy for all stakeholders to spin up virtual environments for easy and fast access. Easily switch between real and virtual services.

Use Existing Framework

No need to import environments from elsewhere. Orchestrate and deploy tests and virtual environments in the context of your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Parasoft Test Environment Provisioning

Map and manage virtual test environments so testers and developers can plug and play using the components they need to accelerate Agile software development.

Where Is Test Environment Provisioning Used?

Test environment provisioning helps software developers and testers spin entire test ecosystems that fit the parameters they are looking to recreate: real services, virtual services, real test data, virtual test data, and combinations. The result is accelerated testing that integrates seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines, a process most industries have adopted.


The finance industry depends heavily on a wide range of message formats and protocols, such as ISO 8583, FIX (Financial Information eXchange), Swift, and EDI (electronic data interchange). The problem: each call to such a service must contend with a proprietary messaging format. Creating a virtual test service to simulate that messaging and nesting it within a contextually relevant test environment makes testing easier to automate.


Software development for government institutions must comply with strict security mandates and facilitate smooth electronic data exchange while working with multiple vendors and RFP requests. Test environment management is key to delivering complex projects on time and on budget.

Healthcare & Insurance

Software in the healthcare industry must integrate with a variety of third-party services such as patient management systems. A reliance on multiple third-party providers can create serious bottlenecks in testing. Mapping virtual test environments is an efficient workaround.


The business world runs on telecommunications so software in this sector must be reliable and thoroughly tested. Agile software development needs access to realistic test environments on call.

Hospitality & Travel

In an industry driven by personalized experiences, the competition to win over customers is fierce. Test environment management ensures hospitality software meets customer expectations while maintaining Agile practices in the development lifecycle.

Retail & e-Commerce

Driven by third-party services, e-commerce software can’t afford a piecemeal and plodding approach to testing. Test environment management enables teams to diagram and formulate even complex test environments using an intuitive GUI-driven interface.